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9 out of 10 patients complete treatment in 6 visits or less.

Tired of medication, endless visits to chiropractors, physical therapists & other healthcare providers?

We are different.

We teach patients how to fix themselves without depending on medications & providers.

We teach patients how to prevent the problem from returning.

We teach patients how to self-treat should the problem return after discharge.

We empower patients to care for themselves

We teach the patient how to self treat and self manage utilizing the McKenzie Method.

Chiropractic manipulation and mobilizations, as well as massage therapy can be used to improve motion and reduce pain. This can allow the patient to more fully engage in self-care.

We educate patients on how to properly strengthen their body and perform daily tasks safely, thereby minimizing risk of recurrence.

Our treatment is "evidence based”

This approach stresses the importance of the clinician practicing his or her “art” where experience, patient presentation, and research are skillfully brought together to provide the appropriate care to the patient.

The traditional treatment model is broken

Sadly, many patients with back, neck, and extremity problems are receiving less than ideal education and advice in self-care as well as recurrence prevention.

Moreover, many are receiving treatment that is more of a disservice to them rather than what is best for them.

Many treatment options produce long term dependence, not independence.

We offer something unique to the healthcare marketplace.

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91% of our patients are discharged in 6 appointments or less. Join them!