Insurance Coverage

HMO & Managed Care Coverage

We are in some HMO and managed care plans. If you are covered by a Worker’s Compensation or auto accident claim, we will coordinate your coverage with your nurse case manager or adjuster/representative.  If you have any questions, please ask our scheduling staff when you call for your appointment.

Why are you not in my insurance plan?

Due to our succinct model of delivering services, we must be selective in choosing which insurance plans to participate in.  Many insurance plans reimburse providers at extremely low rates. We simply cannot afford to participate in such plans. Most of our patients complete their care in 6 or less sessions. We remain true to our values and commitment to deliver high-quality, high-value, evidence-based musculoskeletal care.  

Many patients choose our services despite not having insurance coverage.

They simply want our successful results in a timely fashion. Many tell us the money spent at our office was equivalent or even less than the money spent at in-network offices due to excessive visits, high co-pays, and high deductibles. Patients also report future savings as they learn how to self-manage at our office reducing the possibility of having to re-enter the healthcare system for the same problem.

Example #1 of Substantial Savings:

• 60-year-old male presents with constant lower back pain with heaviness and tingling in the legs.

• Leg symptoms occur within 5 minutes of standing and walking.

• Prior to coming to our office, he underwent 12 visits of physical therapy that provided no lasting relief.

• Consequently, a lumbar spine MRI was obtained and was referred to a surgeon who advised a laminectomy spine surgery.
• He came to our office for a second opinion.

• He was treated a total of 6 times at Russeau Team HealthCare.

• His complaints resolved and he was able to walk and stand without difficulty.

Example #2 of Substantial Savings:

• 15-year-old female presented with upper back and neck pain.

• Previously underwent 12 sessions of Physical Therapy (PT), which failed to provide relief.

• The pain was resolved in just 3 visits at Russeau Team HealthCare.

• She was taught how to prevent recurrence and self-manage should the pain return.

• The patient’s mother said despite not having insurance benefits, the total cost of services at Russeau Team HealthCare were less costly than the previous 12 sessions of PT, considering the cost of taking her to 12 PT appointments, and the associated PT co-payments.