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Dr. John Born

Refers his patients to us based on a track record of proven results.

Testimonials about RTHC from Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Kevin Russeau is an evidence-based and outcomes oriented chiropractor who has been highly effective for my more motivated patients with non-operative axially based complaints of the cervical and lumbar spine. His use of functional rehabilitation in combination with his evidence based manipulative therapy has been highly beneficial for many patients. His unique brand of treatment serves to empower and educate patients rather than keeping them in the dependent passive role as other chiropractors have. He has also been quite effective in appropriately referring patients that require surgical treatment. It should also be noted that he has a remarkably pleasant demeanor with patients.

R. Ronjon Paul, MD
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Kevin over the past several years. Based upon multiple interactions with Dr. Russeau, I have always experienced him to be an outstanding chiropractic physician. Kevin has developed a comprehensive chiropractic practice centered around the principles of evidence-based care. The services he delivers are oriented toward caring for the musculoskeletal system. The techniques employed at Russeau Team HealthCare are mainstream chiropractic and aggressive rehabilitation is the norm. Dr. Russeau stresses an outcomes based approach to serving the needs of his patients. I am confident that you will find Dr. Russeau to be a quality physician.

Anthony Tedeschi, MD, MPH, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Medical Center

Dr. Kevin Russeau is a knowledgeable, caring and friendly chiropractic physician who coordinated a multidisciplinary plan of care for his patients. As an allopathic physician, I am always happy to work with practitioners in other fields when there is mutual respect and collaboration; Dr. Russeau does this. As a referring obstetrician/gynecologist, I am pleased when my patients enter an environment where they feel welcomed and then report clinical environment; Dr. Russeau provides this. As a patient, I am encouraged by having my clinical problems explained to me and receiving a logical therapy plan; Dr. Russeau has given me such care. I should also note that his entire staff from the front desk to the therapist are friendly and skilled. I will continue to refer patients to this excellent team.

Joseph Martin, MD

Over the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Kevin Russeau on multiple patients.  I have absolutely no hesitation in utilizing Dr. Russeau and feel 100% confident that my patients receive conscientious, thorough and expert attention – my confidence has been rewarded over and over again.  Dr. Russeau practices medicine the way it should be.

Frank Puc, PT, MSPT, CEAS
Physical Therapist

Just wanted to thank Kevin and Tom for the feedback I get from my patients. They have been very pleased with their experiences with Kevin, Tom and staff. The atmosphere is very conducive to one-on-one teaching. They learn quite a bit and I know they appreciate the instruction and handouts they bring home. Keep up the good work!

Robert King, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Not only have I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Russeau professionally, I have also had the privilege of efficient and outcomes based treatment for myself. I am impressed with his professionalism and competence. I greatly appreciate his ability to impress upon his patients their active role in management of their condition. I will continue to refer to Dr. Russeau, knowing with confidence they are in excellent hands.

Krista Foley, PT
Physical Therapist

We have found Dr. Russeau’s evaluation, treatment plan and recommendations for our patient’s musculoskeletal complaints to be superior to any other chiropractic physician that we have seen. Dr. Russeau uses clinically proven modalities and treatment plans for our patients based on the body of medical literature that is available. We believe his mainstream medical care for our patients has been 100% appropriate and beneficial for the care of our patients. I would entrust any of my patients into his care without hesitation.

John Born, DO, MBA, CPE
Family Practice

You and your team are professional and thorough in your evaluations and treatment. Your patient care plan is succinct, with detailed treatment goals. As an allopathic physician, I had my initial doubts about chiropractic care, but I have been convinced of its benefits and would and have whole-heartedly referred patients.

Eva Wyra, MD

I had been apprehensive about referring to chiropractors due to my experience with patients who had previously received chiropractic care. These patients would describe receiving hundreds of treatments. I was introduced to Dr. Russeau by an orthopedic spine surgeon colleague, who assured me that Dr. Russeau’s treatment plans were short in duration. After my initial patient referral to Dr. Russeau, I continued referring to him because my patients had excellent outcomes under his care and he is very good.

Additionally, the fact that he is evidence based further instilled my confidence in him. Meeting him and reading his correspondence letters verified that he is very knowledgeable and up to date. 

I highly recommend Dr. Russeau.

Johanna H. Lange, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Kevin Russeau leads a team of experts dedicated to patient care and committed to the best outcomes possible. I have worked with Kevin as a referring practitioner but also as an administrator. The knowledge and skills that his team brings to serve patients is outstanding. His systematic, holistic approach to caring is a sign of his openness to many different therapies. He just wants what is best for his patients. I highly recommend Kevin and team for excellent diagnosis and treatment.

James R. Dan, MD, FACP
Internist & Geriatrician, Former President of Advocate Medical Group

As a family physician I greatly appreciate collaborating providers who not only give high quality care but also empower my patient’s to play an active role in managing their problems.  In terms of both acute and chronic non-surgical musculoskeletal complaints, I consistently turn to Kevin Russeau DC for excellent care and patient education.  I receive positive feedback from my patients who are thrilled to come away from their experience better prepared to handle the next bump in the road.  

Thank you for the wonderful care you have provided to my patients.

Sara Nelson, MD
Family Medicine

I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Russeau. I have experience working with Dr. Russeau as a referring physician and as a patient. Dr. Russeau and his team offer comprehensive care with integration of manipulation, patient education, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. The office is welcoming and the staff helpful, which puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door. Dr. Russeau and his team work to empower the patient to understand and take part in their own recovery process. This is a refreshing approach, which I believe fosters success. I have put my health, the health of my family and the health of my patients in the hands of Dr. Russeau with great confidence and success.

Julia Andreoni, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

As a primary care physician in a large internal medicine practice, I deal with a variety of musculoskeletal issues. From my personal experiences (and supported by extensive patient feedback), Dr. Russeau does an excellent job of addressing and facilitating a treatment program that does not use a lot of medication or invasive techniques. He has helped treat patients with a myriad of issues, including headaches, neck, back, and joint pain, with very good results. Using a broad-based approach combining the disciplines of chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, and physiotherapy, Dr. Russeau has been able to give my patients much relief. In many cases, he has been able to successfully alleviate their complaints completely. I can strongly recommend Dr. Russeau as a “partner” to help treat patients with a variety of musculoskeletal complaints.

Maryanne Miller, MD
Internal Medicine

Rarely have I met a practitioner of such character and quality. His enthusiasm and passion for his profession is engaging and contagious. He is a gifted speaker and motivates simply by being so excited about his own profession and how he can help his patients.  He is diligent and resourceful. I have referred him many patients all of whom were treated competently, courteously and respectfully. He balances multiple priorities with ease. He makes time for his family, community services, fitness, and his studies. He is always seeking improvement in himself, which in turn benefits his patients. I recommend Dr. Russeau with my highest praise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kent Mercado, DPM, JD
Doctor of podiatric medicine, Attorney

For years I have had the good fortune to be able to refer my patients with pains in their spines &/or arms &/or legs to Dr. Kevin Russeau. I have worked with many chiropractors over my twenty-five years as a physician and find Dr. Russeau to be exceptionally well-qualified. 

The qualities that make me eager to use Dr. Russeau to help my patients include:

1) His professional manner

2) The education he gives patients on how to prevent future problems

3) The education he gives patients on becoming empowered to shorten the duration of their symptoms as well as the severity of their symptoms

4) His training and expertise

5) The facility he practices in and the staff who work for him

6) and, of course, his success rate!!

I Strongly recommend Dr. Russeau without hesitation.

Aaron Lazar, M.D.
Family Medicine, Geriatrician, Administrator

Dr. Russeau served as an expert witness for a case handled by my law firm. The case involved allegations of sexual misconduct and went to trial. The defendant, our client, was a chiropractor. Largely due to Dr. Russeau’s review and analysis of the case as well as his in-court testimony, our client received a verdict of “not guilty”. In fact, the judge stated in his opinion that his ruling was largely based upon the credibility and appearance of Dr. Russeau. I plan to use Dr. Russeau as an expert again in the future. I encourage him to continue this type of work and would highly recommend him to other attorneys.

Melinda Malecki, JD

First let me say that working as a Physician Assistant in primary care for 10 years has brought through my door many musculoskeletal and neurological syndromes. Neck pain, back pain, headaches, radiculopathy symptoms, costochondritis, rib displacement, of course the list goes on and on. For many of these problems, my patients have met with great success when I refer them to Dr. Kevin Russeau and his team of therapists. His patient-centered and evidence-based approach gives me and my patients the comfort level we need to proceed with therapy. In addition to his therapeutic skills, Kevin’s ability to educate patients and communicate with them has been extremely helpful in their overall satisfaction and outcome. The combination of care my patients have received at Russeau Team HealthCare proves again and again to be successful without the need for a prolonged duration of therapy, as long as they are willing to take some responsibility for their health and follow through with the discharge plan that is thoughtfully laid out for them.

Erin Kopeny, PA-C
Physician Assistant, Primary Care