Our Process

Evidence-based treatments. No side effects.

Our mission is to teach patients to relieve pain without relying on prescriptions and office visits. Treatment methods are easy to learn and proven to be effective.

We are bombarded with tag lines that claim “we put the patient first”.

Patients often complain that their healthcare provider is rushed and does not spend the time required to fully understand the patient’s concerns.

No matter how brilliant the physician, one simply cannot accurately diagnose a condition if the time spent listening to the patient is minimal.

We pride ourselves in spending quality time with every patient beginning with a thorough history and evaluation.

Want a different approach supported by scientific research?

We TEACH patients how to “FIX” THEMSELVES.

We focus on creating patient EMPOWERMENT & INDEPENDENCE.


We HOPE to NEVER SEE the patient AGAIN for the SAME PROBLEM.

We TEACH patients how to AVOID RECURRENCE and SELF-TREAT should the pain RETURN.  

We are committed to the "triple aim"

Better outcomes.  Lower costs.  Highest levels of patient satisfaction.

Who We Are

We place people over profit.

We do what is best for each individual patient.

We are driven by our values and principles of integrity.

Who We Are Not

Providing care that requires a “need” to return.

Providing treatment inconsistent with current research.

Prescribing long treatment plans lasting months to a year.

Your health is our only focus

...even if that means sending you to another doctor

Our treatment may not be successful or appropriate for every patient.

We identify such patients rapidly, generally within 1-3 visits.

This allows us to quickly refer the patient to a health care provider better suited for their specific condition.

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