About WHC

Wheaton HealthCare is a trusted facility in the treatment of back, neck and extremity disorders.
With so many treatment options available,

Why choose us?

  • Our approach is backed by years of research and medical evidence.
  • Approximately 90% of patients complete their care in 6 visits or less.
  • We teach patients skills and resources to fix their own condition.
  • Our approach is short, simple and cost-effective.
  • We do not use needles, medications, injections or surgery.
  • We provide our patients with lifelong knowledge and skills to prevent recurrence and self-treat should the problem return.
of patients discharged in 6 visits or less
of appointments on time
average patient satisfaction score

We teach patients to eliminate their pain quickly and easily.

Traditional therapy typically requires numerous visits over weeks or months.

Approximately 90% of our patients complete their course of treatment in 6 or less visits.

Our patients often avoid the need for medications, x-rays, MRIs, prolonged physical therapy, prolonged chiropractic care, as well as specialist referrals for injections and/or surgery, which commonly add risk, great expense, and are not always successful.

Some patients may not respond to our approach. We rapidly identify these patients and assist them in getting to the right provider to receive the right treatment.

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