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91% of our patients complete their care in 6 or less visits. We empower patients with our effective, research-supported treatments. Learn to prevent recurrence & self-treat if the pain returns.

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Everyone deserves to be free from pain and enjoy their life.  

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Many physicians entrust us with the care of their patients and loved ones.

97% Average Patient Satisfaction Score

Integrity. Ethics. Outcomes.

We provide chiropractic and physical rehabilitation services that focus on the best interests of the patient.  

We utilize a natural, research supported, self-healing approach that is unique in the healthcare industry.  

Our success is measured by creating happy, pain-free customers who can manage their own problem

of patients discharged in 6 visits or less
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Average Patient Satisfaction Score

Let us teach you how to get rid of your pain and get your life back

Everyone deserves to be free from pain and enjoy their life. We assist patients in reclaiming their life.

Your goal is our goal; Play golf, exercise, care for your children or simply get dressed without pain.

Wheaton Healthcare LLC

We specialize in evidence-based neck and back pain treatment, the McKenzie Method, and empowering patients to self-treat with proven techniques that maintain health long after leaving our office.   

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Why do so many doctors refer their patients and seek care themselves from our practice?

We have asked them this very question, and their answer is consistent; “Your successful outcomes.”


  • Within 20 minutes I felt better than I ever had in 10 years. He truly is out to help people get better.

    Pete H.
  • After months of suffering, I’m virtually pain-free and I’m returning to work! Dr. Russeau is extremely knowledgeable and runs his practice with the utmost integrity.

    Rani K.
  • Dr. Russeau and his staff are amazing, it was the best decision I ever made to go see him! After 2 visits I was pain-free!

    Kathryn R.
  • This practice is amazing. I will tell everyone I know about it. I FINALLY got some relief after years of suffering and believing that I had to live in pain.

    Laura H.
  • The front desk – extremely organized and friendly. The office – professional and clean. I would give this ten stars if I could.

  • I really appreciate what Dr. Russeau and his team do for promoting health and preventing potential future pains

    Mahalet S.
  • Dr. Russeau is friendly, knowledgeable and really takes his time to talk with you and figure out the best treatment plan.

    Jessica H.
  • I now am virtually pain-free and I am so much more optimistic about prognosis.

    Elizabeth S.
  • Never have I had as good an experience.

    Harry F.
  • I am now pain-free and it feels great!



How long before I get better?

Most patients begin to experience relief within 1-3 visits. Approximately 90% complete their care in 6 or less visits.

Do you treat pain in areas other than the neck and back?

Yes. We successfully treat patients with extremity (e.g. shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, hips) pain.

What should I expect on the first visit?

This visit will last approximately 1.5 hours and consists of a history, examination, and clinical decision-making. If treatment is an appropriate option, details of the proposed plan will be discussed with the patient. If the patient is in agreement, self-care instructions will be given, allowing the patient to immediately begin “fixing” their problem.