Rehabilitation Services

Physical Rehabilitation

The first step to a better well-being.

A proper diagnosis and treatment can be the difference between 6 rehabilitation appointments – or 60.

At Russeau Team HealthCare, our success is determined by how many patients don’t come back.  

Full recovery from an injury, car accident or chronic back pain means you have left our office equipped with the evidence-based self-treatment techniques that have worked for thousands of our patients.

Get the right guidance.

Our treatments do not require expensive equipment or a dozen tests to determine if our methods will work.  

Our approach may save you  thousands of dollars from ineffective treatment.  

If your quality of life has been altered by your pain or injury, or past treatments haven’t worked, you deserve better.  

Let us help you achieve your definition of “better”. 

The Difference

Our techniques are non-invasive, evidence-based and unique.

The healthcare industry can appear to patients as being more focused on billing than better health. Patients are often encouraged to undergo expensive testing and treatments for their back and neck pain.  

It seems as though a simple, research supported, self-treatment approach is a square peg trying to fit in a circle of healthcare that derives increased revenue with more procedures and repeat customers.  

This ultimately conflicts with the patient’s goal of returning to the best physical health in the least amount of time and cost. 

We do something FOR, not TO, the patient.

Imagine learning how to control your pain and to be able to participate fully in your activities of daily living and work. 

In our office, we teach the patient what is causing their problem, we teach them how to fix the problem, and most importantly, we teach them how to prevent the problem from happening again.

Still not sure if you should try us?

Come in for an evaluation!

We will quickly determine if we can help. If your injury requires more extensive treatment, we will assist you in finding the healthcare provider best suited for your problem.

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A proper diagnosis could save you significant time and money.