McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method

is a research supported, systematized intervention for patient self-care of neck, back and extremity problems.

91% of patients complete their care in 6 visits or less

The McKenzie Method focuses on the capability of patients to treat themselves.

This patient-centered, empowerment approach to back, neck and extremity pain is unique and refreshing.

The McKenzie Method is a system of assessment and treatment of neck, back, referred and extremity pain

The patient learns how to:

1. Abolish the pain.

2. Reduce chance of the pain returning.

3. Self-treat without having to re-enter the health care system, should the pain return.

McKenzie is research supported

Research shows approximately 90% of patients with new onset pain and roughly 50% of long standing chronic pain patients can eliminate their own pain with this Method.

This includes patients who already have had back or neck surgery, as well of those for whom surgery has been recommended. 

McKenzie is the largest spine care/rehabilitation referral network in the world.

There are approximately 100,000 chiropractors in the world, 65,000 of which are in the USA. Dr. Russeau became 1 of the first 120 chiropractors in the world to be certified in the McKenzie method.


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